Well it’s pretty simple, I basically have something so say about everything. This website should eventually have a little something for everyone, eventually. I’ve gone back and forth for years creating blogs about one topic or another and then later losing motivation just talking about one thing. So I finally gave up on that model and will just dump whatever comes to mind on here and see where it goes.

If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m interested in a wide variety of things. Mainly business and travel. As of 2019 I’m 30 years old. I currently work for myself through a few business I own and operate. I’m interested in all things business. I really like the challenge of making something from nothing from a business aspect. I love to travel, if I could do it 7 days a week I would until I’ve been everywhere at least once.

I’m also interested in motivation on a physiological stand point. What drives certain people to do certain things. Rewiring your brain for success and getting out your own way. I’ve personally shifted myself from one mind set to another through trail and error mainly by setting goals that seem unrealistic to most people. Only because I believe in averages and the affect they have on people unknowingly. “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” a quote attributed most often to motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

Learning this quote and understanding it made a lot of things clear to me. It’s funny but ignorance is bliss, and if you knew better you would do better. I’m not sure who said that first, but it can really turn your life around if you are ready to.