The new Aladdin movie released Friday May 24th, and if I wasn’t currently in Egypt I most likely would have went to see it. I’m not big on going to movies on their release dates because the younger crowd makes it miserable. Funny to say that, because I used to be one of those kids I’m referring to. I’m thirty now and just don’t have the patients for it now. I always worry some teenager showing off might throw popcorn on me or kick the back of my chair. I’d hate to have to sit in jail for taking my belt off in the movie theater and whipping somebody’s kids ass.Anyways, this was one of my favorite childhood movies. The animated version by Disney was released in 1992 this was the same year my little brother was born, so I guess that puts me around three years old when it came out.

I was reading reading Mike Scott’s article, “A whole new ‘Aladdin’: Can Will Smith fill Robin Williams’ shoes?” on At first glance, the title of his article really had me at a debate with myself. Robin Williams is in my favorite top 5 comedians of all time and definitely in my top 10 favorite actors of all time due to his serious roles. Will Smith’s, younger Fresh Prince days were absolutely hilarious to me. He was a mix of a young Def Comedy Jam star and was explosively animated like a young Jim Carey who has always been my all time favorite comedian and actor in his role genre. Older Will, in serious roles lands him in my Top 5 actors.

So with all that said, I’m kinda on the fence about how Will is gonna deliver on this one. I hope he can tap back into his Fresh Prince explosive comedy style that I’m hoping for. I’ve kinda type casted Will as a serious actor now, and all the memories of the Genie played with Robin Williams was either heart felt or explosively funny. I’m not a big fan of remakes because they usually are disappointing, but every now and again there is a great one. So its either all of nothing when it comes to these things.

I’ll be back in New Orleans next week and I plan on seeing it. My girlfriend will still be in Cancun until the first of June so I’ll have plenty of time during the week to check it out since the house will be empty. I’ll be that dude in back row alone unless one of my friends is up to see a Disney remake lol. Check back in for my review.