Mayor LaToya Cantrell, announced today that New Orleans will begin to reopen starting Saturday which is May 16th. Unfortunately, Nola will still have tighter restrictions than the rest of the state as ordered by the Mayor. Either way, this is still pretty good news to me. I’m ready to get out the house, and see things back to regular programming. I’m more than sure we will have to adapt to new norms moving forward, but eventually it will level out once we get used to the changes. I just really need the restaurants to open back up, I miss eating around Nola.

The stay-at-home order wasn’t to bad for me though. I accomplished a lot of things I needed to address that I seemed to never make time for the past couple years. Organizing, reviewing bills and living expenses was the most crucial that I finally have in order. I’m caught up on emails, mail and handful of other piles of mess that never seem to stop growing. I’ve also gotten to do a lot of outdoor activities that I plan on incorporating into my schedule moving forward. I purchased a bike, and so far I really enjoy biking. I’ve always liked running but it beats my knees up pretty bad so this has become something I’ll start leaning to more with my routine. I’ve probably been fishing almost 5-10 times since the Covid-19 started shutting things down. I typically only go a few times a year but I’m starting to really like going out on the water regularly.

One thing I wanted to focus on while everything has been going on was writing. I really want to get back into the daily routine again and get this blog closer to my old one from years ago. But I had to much mental and physical space to clear out and organize over the past two months. So here I am at the tail end of what is hopefully the worse of all this mess and work towards reaching my goals with this site.