This is my first post to hopefully consistently start writing daily. This has been a goal of mine for at least the past ten years. I’ve made several attempts indirectly but nothing I could stick with long enough to take seriously. So here we are again, I chose to write under a domain name that is my own name this time around because if you don’t take yourself seriously who else will?

This is just a personal blog that I’m gonna basically dump whatever comes to mind. So who knows where this will go, the only goal is to just simply write consistently now.

I chose the title of my first post “Rewire Your Brain” because that’s literally what it takes to start something new, change something in your life or accomplish a long term or even a short term goal. I’ve always understood this concept but it’s useless without serious discipline. In order to rewire your brian you have to be 100% with yourself and fully committed to whatever the goal is you wanna reach. Whether it’s a fitness goal, financial goal or just a small personal goal. I’ll be 30 years old on January 23rd and I feel like the last ten years was just trial and error for the most part.

Don’t get me wrong, I set the bar pretty high and hit a few goals along the way but in reality when I look back on everything I wasn’t 100% committed in myself. Even with the hustle I put in and the long hours I simply created something I never stopped depending on financially. I found something that worked and kept running with it. I stopped trying to learn more and navigate towards something that’s more fulfilling. I’ve always know it’s gonna take me awhile to figure out what I wanna do, and I’ll be doing things along the way that will just pay the bills and I’m cool with that. I just have to keep focus a priority and maintain the disciple required to constantly wire my brain to solve the problems that lead to success and not set backs.

The set backs are the daily things we program our brains to deal with. Like unhealthily eating, social media, and television. Whenever I start eating healthily, I spend less time thinking about eating. I can literally go through my entire day without wasting any time when I know exactly what I’m gonna eat and when I’m gonna eat it. People don’t realize how much time and energy is wasted on finding and eating bullshit all day. I never really understood the old saying, “you eat to live, not live to eat” until just recently. Makes so much sense to me now.

Social media is a huge waste of time to me now. This is one of my main goals this year, staying off social media. Believe it or not it’s harder to do than I thought. To be honest I think it’s just such a great source of steady bullshit it’s not hard to get consumed in it. I can’t relate to 99% of the people I’m connected to on these platforms but somehow I find interest in their ignorance. Sounds kinda arrogant but it’s the truth. In reality I wouldn’t be missing out on much if I never logged in for the rest of the year. But on the other hand maybe I’m just being a hypocrite. Who knows…

I guess I’m gonna just wrap this up here, it’s not exactly what I had in mind but I wrote something and that was the plan.