I wanted to write this because early mornings in Giza is a completely different experience compared to the rest of the day and night. It’s extremely calm and at peace. The city of Cairo and the Giza area is super busy and it’s like functional chaos everywhere. If you every ride down the highway in traffic you will understand what I mean. It’s insane and I will try and to get a video the next time I commute.

Anyways, back to the morning time. I woke up this morning right after the sunrise started peeking through my window. a little after 5:00am here. I jumped in the shower, got ready and headed up to the rooftop of my hotel which is located about two minute walking distance from the Great Pyramid. So the view is almost unreal. The hotel I’m staying at is called the, Three Pyramid Hotel. I will write something specially on my stay her to check back in.

Rooftop View At the 3 Pyramids Inn

Once I got to the rooftop I took in the view for awhile and then realized of peacefully silent the city was. Instead of hearing cars zooming by, horns blowing, people yelling back and forth in the street, dogs barking and so on.

All I could hear was birds calming chirping and the sound of the wind blowing through. Was absolutely the most relaxing experience ever. That plus the view I had made this trip everything I’ve hoped for so far.

Once it got closer to about 7:ooam the area started waking up, you could hear the cars and dogs first. Then the birds started flying around chirping spastically and next the people in the area started to move about. It was still pretty peaceful in a sense but nothing like that first 30-45 mins which I hope to enjoy every morning during my stay.